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Sadko Library
Sadko Library
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Sadko Library

Once upon a time in Novgorod there lived Sadko. He visited feasts and amused the folks of Novgorod by playing gusli*.
One day Sadko was playing gusli on the coast of Lake Ilmen when the Lake rose in waves and the Lake Czar made his appearance. For Sadko’s pleasant and tender play the Lake Czar promised Sadko to give great treasure - three golden fish from Lake Ilmen. Sadko threw a fishing net and caught three golden fish and found great treasure. He bought up the goods of Novgorod and made forty boats. And he sailed to sea to trade overseas from the Volkhov River to the Neva River, and from the Neva river to the Blue Sea . And there he sold all the goods of Novgorod with great profit and became the most prosperous merchant of His Majesty Novgorod the Great.
*gusli – a Russian musical instrument of the zither class having approximately 28 strings. (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary)

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