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Registred trade mark
Registred trade mark Sadko
Registred trade mark Sadko
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National Gift
Sadko Registered Trademark

Sadko Trademark was registered in 1995. Vodka Sadko has been produced under this Trademark in Veliky Novgorod since 1999. In the year of 2002 Sadko introduced new products such as gin, balsam and nastoyka into the Russian market. New balsam and nastoyka Sadko together with vodka Sadko symbolize National Gift from Russia - a new series of alcoholic drinks.

Registred trade mark Sadko

Genuine Russian vodka “Sadko” is produced by Alkon distillery in Veliky Novgorod.

Alkon is one of the oldest renowned distilleries in Russia. It was founded in the year of 1897 by I. A. Korsakov who was a merchant belonging to the top guild. The merchant chose this place for purpose as the people of ancient Novgorod were well-known for their skill in producing excellent vodka which pureness and softness was greatly enjoyed by well versed trade visitors from overseas.
According to birch scrolls - archeological documents of XIII – XIV centuries - the word ‘vodka’ and the strong alcoholic liquor itself is assumed to appear first in Veliky Novgorod.

Independent experts admit that Alkon distillery is the best within the branch. Alkon matches both the old traditional knowledge of vodka production and the modern laboratory quality control. The products of Alkon are awarded more than 70 golden medals, two ‘Grand Prix’ , ‘Golden Bunch of Grapes’ at International Exhibitions. Sadko trademark proceeds with production of genuine Russian vodka by vodka ‘Sadko’ .

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