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Sadko Library
Sadko Library
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Russian Vodka
 The history of Alcon
 Technology of preparation

It is well known that the quality of vodka depends to a large extent on the water and alcohol used. As any other vodka of high quality, “Sadko” is prepared with the use of the best alcohol – ‘De Luxe’ – and spring water. But the taste and softness of vodka are much determined by the method of its purification and subsequent preparation, which are done at “Alcon” in accordance with the truly Russian technology, quite different from the modern simplified methods. The triple purification of mash is carried out with the use of such natural components as activated charcoal, birch shavings, and the rocks from the bottom of the Ilmen Lake. At last, the quality of vodka is determined by the proportion, according to which water and alcohol are mixed up. It was in 1894 that the Russian chemist D. M. Mendeleev, after conducting a year and a half research, deduced an ideal recipe of the Russian vodka – 40 degrees of alcohol (i.e. about 48 per cent spirit). As distinct from much 40 per cent vodka (i.e. of 35 degrees), “Sadko” really meets the requirements of this standard. It is this vodka that is well assimilated and, while taken in reasonable doses, not injurious to health.

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