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07 Dec 2004

The Press conference "Smile Russia"

On November 4 at Nobiliary Assembly the Press conference devoted to the film festival “Smile Russia!” took place. The president of the festival Alla Surikova once again expressed sincere gratitude for an opportunity to organize the film festival " Smile Russia! “. Alla Surikova said she thinks it is not a mere chance that the 5th anniversary festival again took place in Novgorod as the idea of the event originated here in Novgorod. It is especially pleasant that Novgorodians got so much fond of the festival and wait impatiently for the next visit of the famous actors and directors. This year festival membership was mixed – there were both famous actors and directors and very young talents. Representatives of mass-media had an opportunity to question Gleb Skorohodov, Vadim Mikhalev, Julia Rutberg, Marina Migunovoj, Alexey Alekseev, Sergey Korobejnikov, Alexander Mohov, Darya Kalmykova and others. This year the festival “Smile Russia! " is devoted to comedy films. Today high-quality russian comedies are quite rare and the festival “Smile Russia!” provides a unique opportunity to see and appreciate the achievments of our film makers. The new stage of revival of the comedy actor begins, there are talented scripwriters, rather interesting films are created. Alla Surikova expressed hope, that the audience would enjoy watching the festival films and appreciate them. After the press confrence was over the guests were invited to the buffet prepared by Trade mark "Sadko" to taste the traditional Russian drinks . Visitors highly estimated the quality of nastoyka “Sadko” and its amazing taste, carefully asking about composition and peculiarities of its manufacturing.
08 Dec 2004

The rewarding ceremony of the most distinguished cinematographers

On November 5 in the framework of film festival “Smile Russia!” the film holiday took place in Velikiy Novgorod. During the holiday the rewarding ceremony of the most distinguished cinematographers was held. The main prize named " The Distorting Mirror ", was awarded for the contribution to the development of Russian comedy. The prizes were awarded to Mikhail Derzhavin, Alexander Shirvindt, Yuriy Yakovlev, Maxim Dunaevsky, Eldar Ryazanov. Andrey Mironov’s and Emil Braginsky’s, honourable awards were accepted by their children. Chairman of the festival organization committee , the governor of Novgorod region Michael Prusak delivered a congratulatory speech and once again thanked participants of the festival for conducting the event in Velikiy Novgorod. External relations deputy manager of the company "Alkon " K.M.Rozhkova joined congratulations and wished all representatives of motion picture arts health, well-being and success. All prize-winners were presented a memorable gift - a case of "Sadko" alcoholic drinks - " the National gift from Russia ". At the following Governor's reception the visitors and participants of the festival had an opportunity to communicate in informal atmosphere. On November 6 a meeting with an oustanding director Eldar Ryazanov took place. Admirers of the prominent director’s talent had a chance to have a dialogue with him. The director answered numerous questions. To the real surprise and enjoyment of the audience Ryazanov recited his own poems.
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