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03 Feb 2005

Presentation-tasting of "Honey with pepper" nastoyka.

3 february, restaurant Napoli prepared presentation-tasting of new drink-“Honey with pepper” -nastoyka of Trade Mark  Sadko.
Presentation was prepared for directors of foremost restaurants of our city.
Representatives of Alkon narrated about  nastoyka s qualities and peculiarities of production.
At the end of tasting of “ Honey with pepper” nastoyka , invitees presented their  grades  in the  questionnaire , it is significant that  nastoyka was appreciated at its true value: quality, original flavour and  fidelity to ancient traditions.
In the course of presentations, questions of business  collaboration were considered and some agreements were carried out.
Many invitees expressed desire to present nastoyka in their restaurants like highest-quality  alcoholic drink made with use of ancient technology and natural components.
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