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Registred trade mark
Registred trade mark Sadko
Registred trade mark Sadko
About brand
National Gift
Sadko-National Gift From Russia

Vodka Sadko has been produced under this Trademark in Veliky Novgorod since 1999. New balsam and nastoyka Sadko together with vodka Sadko symbolize National Gift from Russia — a new series of alcoholic drinks.
  • Vodka "Sadko"
  • Alcohol 40%

    Vodka Sadko is made from crystal clear water of Lake Ilmen, therefore it is has the unique taste and aroma.
  • Nastoyka "Sadko"
  • Alcohol 40%

    Nastoyka «Sadko» is a bitter strong liquor. Ingredients: cranberry, cowberry, raspberry, bilberry, juniper berry, melilot, oregano, cowberry leaf, juniper needles, oak rind, caraway, cardamom. Nastoyka «Sadko» is made of 100 per cent natural ingredients.
  • Balsam "Sadko"
  • Alcohol 41%

    Ingredients: softened water, high-quality grain alcohol, apple, cranberry, natural honey, cowberry, ashberry, black currant, prunes, hips, aralia, aglet, St. John’s wort, coriander, oregano, rhodiolae, lemon melissa, eleutherococus, cinnamon, caraway, milfoil, clove, nutmeg, juniper berry, camomile, cherry-tree leaf, cowberry leaf, black currant leaf, bilberry leaf, lime flower, birch-buds, almond-oil. Balsam «Sadko» is made of 100 per cent natural ingredients.

    Registred trade mark Sadko

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