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Probably, there are no people unconversant with a tipsy feast. The state of intoxication has already been current for such a long time that it is not considered extraordinary. Moreover, great folk knowledge has been stored concerning the way, how to slow down intoxication during a feast and quicken the restoration of normal state after it. Here are some useful folk tips on how to fight with hangover.

Before a feast
1. Of course, it is better to drink fairly, within reasonable limits. But if you know beforehand that the feast will be long and hearty, it is advisable to drink about 50 grams of vodka 2 or 3 hours before the banquet. It will prepare your organism for the coming alcohol intake.
2. Eat something rich or oily before drinking. It is also possible to drink an unboiled egg or a tablespoon of oil: they impede the absorption alcohol.
3. Drink a cup of strong tea with mint or lemon or a cup of coffee with lemon before a feast.

During a feast
1. During the whole feast try to drink only one kind of liquor.
2. It is strongly recommended not to mix up strong – vodka, cognac – and weak – beer, wine – alcoholic beverages. As a last resort, it is better to change weak drinks for the strong ones (i.e. increasing the concentration of alcohol).
3. Don’t begin the feast with sweet wines, champagne, or cognac.
4. It is allowed to mix strong alcoholic beverages with various liqueurs, vermouths, and strong wines. However, it is observed that after drinking sweet alcoholic liquors hangover is much heavier.
5. Drink vodka and other alcoholic beverages with potatoes, sauerkraut, and bread: they neutralize the unpleasant effects of alcohol.
6. Never mix alcoholic beverages with Coca-Cola or any other soft drink: carbonic acid, contained in aerated water, promotes the absorption of alcohol.
7. Being in a state of drunkenness, don’t go outside if the weather is cold – otherwise, you may get very tipsy, right up to the loss of consciousness.
8. Smoke as little as possible – smoking doubles the effects of alcohol.
9. Don’t trust you sense of “measure”, since strong alcoholic liquors begin taking effect only in an hour. By the way, it is useful to know that alcohol comes out of the organism at a speed of 1 gram of pure spirit for 1 kilogram of body mass per hour. It means that the person weighing 70 kilograms will lose the effects of 50 grams of vodka in about 3 hours.
10. If you feel that you’ve drunk too much, don’t prevent your stomach from being cleaned out.
11. Remember that the less you drink, the better you will feel next day. Don’t drink excessively…

After a feast
1. It is useful to drink a cup of strong tea with mint or lemon or a cup of coffee with lemon – slight hangover will pass away.
2. A glass of cold water with 20 drops of mint potion, drained in a gulp, is also a good help.
3. To become sober, it is recommended to drink at a gulp a cup of cold water mixed with several drops of liquid ammonia.
4. A cup of salted coffee is said to be a good means for fighting with hangover.
5. Take 100-120 grams of honey in two motions. It will promote your sobering (the fructose of hone neutralizes all the unpleasant effects of alcohol).
6. Drink a glass of kefir, it will fairly ease your morning disposition.
7. Make a herbal decoction (4 tablespoons of hips, 1 tablespoon of St. John’s wort, 3 tablespoons of honey, coated with a glass of hot water). Don’t eat much for breakfast; it is advisable to eat fried or scrambled eggs, buckwheat, different vegetables, and dairy products.
8. In the morning massage energetically you face and neck; take a cold shower or a bath with sea-salt, and have a nice walk outside.
It will be recalled that vodka “Sadko” as an exceptional high-quality alcoholic beverage, while taken in reasonable doses, is well assimilated and not injurious to health.

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