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The age-old proverb says that the first glass of vodka strikes like a stake; the second one makes you fly like a falcon, and with each of the posterior ones you become light and joyful as a birdie. It is the Russian nation that created vodka and worked out a unique technique of its consuming. It is as follows: 1. Vodka needs to be cooled up to 8-100C before using. 2. As a noble beverage, vodka should be sipped after a meal rather than drained in a gulp after it. Drinking vodka in a hurried, slapdash manner is considered a nasty taste. 3. Vodka should not be mixed up with any other alcoholic or soft drinks. 4. It is advisable to drink vodka from the glasses holding 50 grams or less. 5. Vodka is a noble product, designed for joy, relaxation, and emancipation. It is quite erroneous to identify vodka with the evil, hard drinking. The latter roots not in vodka or wine, but in the drinker him/herself. That is why it is so important to control yourself, taking into account the amount of the consumed liquor. 6. Drinking of vodka should always be accompanied by the nourishing and saltish meal, which is an indispensable attribute of any festive meal in Russia. As a table-beverage, vodka is meant not only for slaking, but for adding a zest to the traditional Russian dishes as well. Among the hors d’oeuvres, with which vodka combines perfectly well, are such meat appetizers as lard, ham, roast veal, galantine (meat-jelly), corned beef; and fish appetizers – herring, caviar, balyk (cured fillet of sturgeon), salmon, Siberian salmon, hunchback salmon, and spiced sprats. Such vegetable appetizers as pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushrooms, sauerkraut, soaked antonovka apples, stuffed aubergine, boiled potatoes, and vinegret (Russian salad of beetroot, gherkins, etc., dressed with oil and vinegar) are considered good hors d’oeuvres to vodka, too. Appetizers are very important for the estimation of vodka as an alcoholic beverage. Being quite an expensive drink, vodka requires a costly culinary accompaniment, such as caviar, salted or smoked fish, and marinated mushrooms. Without a nourishing saltish meal vodka cannot fully disclose its aroma and savour. Pickled cucumbers are considered the best appetizer to vodka. According to A. P. Chekhov, the Russian writer of the 19th century, scientists have always racked their brains over the problem of the best appetizer to vodka, but invented nothing but a pickled cucumber. These humorous words, nevertheless, contain a great deal of truth: pickled cucumbers, being an inexpensive product, combine perfectly well with vodka. On the contrary, cheese, boiled fish, mutton, cold and hot sausages are not recommended as hors d’oeuvres to vodka; they are best combined with other beverages, such as beer. Vodka is said to be insidious. But as a usual drink, it cannot justify such a definition. With the correct selection of appetizers to vodka, the drinker will always be the master of the situation, able to control him/herself. Only then vodka will bring joy and relaxation. There is no doubt that vodka “Sadko” as an exceptional high-quality liquor, is worthy of the best gastronomic accompaniment. Nevertheless, even such simple Russian dish as boiled potatoes coupled with crunching pickled cucumbers will wonderfully shade the soft taste of our vodka. We believe that by producing the clearest and truest vodka we’ll find you as “a noble listener”.

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